Pedal Chandelier


Pedal Chandelier


Make a stylish statement in your home décor with this consummate modernist Pedal Chandelier. This unique and artistic chandelier light is designed with layers of overlapping “leaves” in circular rows that produce crisp, glare-free 360-degree light. The design enables you to view the fixture from any angle without being able to see the light source located in the center. The leaves are laser-cut with precision and hand configured to make a lasting impression on the visitors. You can hang this beautiful piece in a dining room, entryway or a reception desk. The frame is made of durable material with aircraft cables.

  • White pendant lamp

  • Durable metal leaves overlap each other

  • Hand configured

  • Length: 19 inches

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Product Weight (lb): 8.4

Product Dimensions (in): 14.17*14.17*14.17